Trey & Livie | Lantern Couple Session

For weeks (not all at once, haha), I had been staring at a my computer screen trying to decide if I wanted to buy tickets to this amazing Tangled-like wonderland called the Lights Fest. Tickets were so expensive and I knew if I was going to fork out the money, it needed to be worth the experience. Then I got this crazy idea that maybe I could get a couple interested in going that they could just pay for their tickets instead of paying for the cost of a session. Little did I know that someone would respond so quickly and make all of my photography dreams come true. Trey & Livie carpooled with me to Talledega and we spent the evening laying in the grass, walking through wheat fields (then getting chased out of them), and watching the sky twinkle like magic. It was heavenly of sorts & I am SO glad that these two were willing to take a mini road-trip to go on an adventure with me.