Dakota Chasity gypsy presets

Includes 8 color presets & 2 black & white presets

gypsy I + gypsy II + gypsy III  + Gypsy IV + gypsy V + Gypsy VI + Gypsy VII + Gypsy VIII
+ Gypsy B&W I + Gypsy B&W II

AVAILABLE FOR LIGHTROOm & Adobe camera raw

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remember that these presets are going to vary with different shooting styles & camera bodies.
For reference, I shoot in raw with a nikon d750 & typically underexpose.
I also shoot in Kelvin so that I can get that consistent warmth
that i love so much in my photos before I even open them up in lightroom.

If you shoot in auto white balance or on the cooler side of the kelvin scale,
you may have to adjust your white balance in lightroom to get
the same kind of warmth that you see in my photos.


canon users: oranges, aquas, & blues (hsl sliders) tend to be more saturated both sooc & with this preset - than nikon.
It may be to your liking to desaturate these colors to achieve the look that you see in my photos with these presets.

overview of gypsy presets

gypsy I

gypsy II

gypsy III

gypsy IV

gypsy V

gypsy vi

gypsy vii

gypsy viii

gypsy b&W I

gypsy b&w II

gypsy presets via other artists