Talking moolah always seems to freak people out. I honestly think that’s for a few reasons, but mostly because everyone wants to get a great return off of their investment. You need to know that I’m not just here to take your money, take your pictures, and leave. I’m in this because I freaking love what I do & I want to be there with you during one of the most important days of your life. This is a friendship, ya know - you’ve got my back & I’ve got yours. That’s my guarantee & I am looking for people who believe in that as much as I do.


Thinking about having an intimate wedding or eloping, but aren’t sure where to start? >>> Read this first. <<<<



Just you + your babe
somewhere close to your heart.

starting at $2,000


Intimate Weddings

You + your babe + a few of
your closest friends & family.
50 guests or less only.

starting at $2,750



You + your babe
+ all of the people
you love, know, & care about
celebrating your special day.

starting at $3,250


& Couples

There doesn't have to be an
occasion to go on an adventure
with the person you love
the most. Jus’ do it.

starting at $500


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