Since I first began my photography career, my heart has always been towards
helping other artists grow & cultivating potential in them.
It took a lot of hard work for me to find my style & even now,
I am still learning ways to improve my editing & workflow. 
After several questions about what presets I was using,
I decided that it might be a great idea to make them available to you guys
in the hopes that you might find your own artistic voice too.

Real Talk on Presets

Okay, okay. So there are hundreds of people selling their presets nowadays. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on presets in the past and didn’t even use them. I know, right? BUT do you know why? Because there is so much that can be learned by playing with them. You like that photographer’s skin tones & want to know why they are so creamy. You like the tones that photographer uses, but don’t know how to achieve that look. You like the contrast & shadows that photographer pulls out in their images. Fill in the blank. The reality is that presets are not a one-click fix. Maybe at a minimum, 2 or 3 clicks for presets that are well-created, but adjustments always have to be made (and most of the time, that’s on our end and not the presets causing us to do so much work). If you think using presets is going to make your images look identical to the person you purchased them from without making adjustments, you will find yourself disappointed. Then you’ll buy another pack of presets, and another, and another - for the wrong reasons. This usually ends in confusion & feeling creatively stuck. If you see presets that you like, take some time to play with them & figure out what works for you. The images that you produce are going to look SO much better when you take the time to learn what works, make adjustments, and focus on consistency (both with shooting & editing). I get that there are artists out there that are totally against the use of presets, but I do think it’s important for us to realize that presets are learning tools & everyone is in the process of unveiling their own style.


Available for Lightroom & ACR