The Truth About Social Media | Dakota Chasity Photography


I haven’t posted in over a week on my business platforms (I did on my personal ones because I usually DON’T) and it felt really good. I’ve read a lot of posts about people blaming social media for their mental health, but I feel like the only person I have to blame about how social media affects my health - is me. I’m the one that picks up my phone. I’m the one that spends my time & resources on this app. I’m the one that chooses how what I view or what I read affects me. This doesn’t negate the fact that social platforms have a powerful influence, that the people on them have influence, & that they have strategized all the ways to keep us tied up to our phones. But I still get the ultimate say. I think social media can be a really great thing, and I think it can equally be a not-so-great thing. Social media is a huge facet of my business and if you use it for your business too, you know what I mean. Regardless of what I have committed to using any social platform, I am the one responsible for my health. I am the one responsible for developing good habits. I am the one responsible for managing my time. I am the one responsible for the displays of my character. I am responsible for controlling the words & thoughts I share. If you think it’s right for you to post on this app every single day/mutiple times a day, then you do that thing. If you think you need to stay off of this app for a while, then you do that thing. Listen to your convictions & then execute. Stop letting people talk you out of doing what is right for you. If that means sacrificing your engagement, algorithms, & likes - then so be it. If that means joining pods for engagement, studying algorithms, & spending a few hours commenting & liking all of the posts in your feed - go for it. I don’t care if all of the people in the world & every business structure tells you what a powerful tool social media is & that not utilizing it makes you an idiot. Or if everyone tells you that social media is crap & that utilizing it makes you an idiot. The only true foolishness adopting someone else’s idea of what is good for you if it compromises your priorities & your sanity.

XO, Dakota Chasity