Hey, Dakota Chasity here!

I am an elopement & wedding photographer currently based out of Birmingham, Alabama. I love Jesus, watching sunsets, plants (if I can keep them alive), & road trips. I watch way too much Gilmore Girls (because those small town vibes remind me of my roots), Grey’s Anatmony (makes you feel like you can be a doctor after you watch it), & Friends (because, “how you doin”). I have a bit of a gypsy soul & I'm cool with that. I am married to my best friend, Jake, who has a rockin' beard & likes building things. We live in a busy little town on the outskirts of the city with our orange tabby cat (Apple Jack) & our beagador pup (Dottie). And I think that telling stories is a pretty big deal.

I’ve been shooting for over 7 years now, which honestly blows my mind. It’s kind of crazy really. I’d have to say that my favorite thing about it is the people that I’ve met, and that my second favorite thing about it is the people I haven’t met yet.

Let's be real. There are a lot of amazing photographers out there. It's important to you that you choose someone that inspires you and that you feel connected with. You want someone to capture all of the stuff that makes you, you. That's why I'm here.

People are seriously so important to me and I honestly believe that’s what makes a good storyteller. My shoots typically hinge off conversations about first dates, embarrassing moments, favorite things about each other, tickle fights, piggy-back rides, and talking about how anxious you and your babe are to be together forever. I get to know your hearts, walk traveled & not-so traveled places with you, & be your friend. I just happen to be taking your pictures too.

Let's plan something wonderfully & daringly adventurous.

XO, Dakota



Random Facts

  • “Dakota” means “friend.”

  • “Chasity” is actually my middle name.

  • I got my nose pierced on a trip to India.

  • My family calls me KoKo.

  • I have this favorite grey beanie/toboggan that I wear way too much (all pics of me on here featuring that hat, lol).

  • The first time I met Jake, we were 6. We started dating when we were 15 and got married when we were 24.

  • My favorite color is yellow. Like the gold, mustard-y kind.

  • Jake (and his entire family) & I are huge hockey fans. We actually got to see the 2017 Stanley Cup Final in Nashville!

  • I listen to more Indie/Folk music than I do any other genre (The Paper Kites are my fave & the first time I heard them was on season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy).

  • I was in school to be a nurse when I first contemplated starting a photography business.

  • We never planned on having a cat. Jake told me no and I cried my eyes out. About 30 minutes later, he told me we could only keep the cat if he got to name him. Hence Applejack, aka AJ.

  • My favorite kind of food is Italian. Tiramisu is life, you guys.

  • I constantly think about traveling. I’m always thinking about where we can go next.

  • My favorite ice cream flavors are birthday cake, cotton candy, and anything with butterscotch.

  • I was Miss Congeniality in 8th grade. You were always my inspiration, Sandra Bullock.

  • I love GIFS. I love to make them of course, but I also love sending them to people when I text. There is literally a perfect GIF for everything. GIF queen, yo.

Image by  Rock Sandretto


What I’m All About


Telling stories means so much to me.
I mean in the kind of way that it’s somehow engrained in who I am.
It feels like I’m putting words to paper when I pick up a camera.

Connection is the glue of relationships. You know…like we just make sense to each other. I know that sounds kinda weird, but I just mean that even though we’re different in a million little ways, there’s just this common ground where it feels like we are old friends. That’s the place where I get to capture those honest moments that reflect who you are & what you love the most. Honest moments like the weird jokes you guys laugh at, how your eyes get lost in your smile (hey, mine do too), the way you two dance to your favorite song, and even the teary-eyed stuff that reminds you of all the reasons why this is your person. That’s the good stuff - the real nitty-gritty. The little moments, the big moments, & all of the ones in between. It’s about you guys. It’s about slowing down, making memories, and doing something that says,
“Yeah, that’s us.”



What Inspires Me

The Great Outdoors - Call me a hippie if you want, but I can’t help it. Every time I head for the ocean, woods, mountains, or plains - it’s like a breath of fresh air. That’s why most of my work has a woodsy-vibe.

Adventure - I like to take the road less traveled, which means I also tend to steer away from well-frequented/crowded places. That usually entails hiking, dirty shoes, wind-blown hair, & laughing hysterically at me tripping over my own feet.

Minimalism - I am drawn to natural light, open spaces, & simplicity. I feel that minimalism in my work allows me to focus on & appreciate what you guys have built your life around.

Color - Just because I am minimalist doesn’t mean that I don’t like color. I love color & I love warmth. Yellows & greens are my faveeesss.

Connection - This is the most important of them all. It’s where trust is built & where I get to see the best of you guys.

Honesty - When you guys trust me, not only do I get to see the best of you guys, but the most honest version of your selves. The real stuff. No fluff.

Positive Vibes - Atmosphere is everything. We are going to get to hang out, have meaningful conversations, & have a freaking blast. I promise it’s 100% worth it.

Love - Need I really say more?




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