Kind Words

It has taken me a little while to put into words all that Dakota and her work has meant to my husband, myself and our families during this joyful time of our lives. We ended up working with Dakota by happenstance as our initial photographers actually ended up getting pregnant and being due on our wedding date. I instantly clicked with her. She has the most kind and lovely spirit and put me completely at ease through the whole process. I treated her as more of a bridesmaid and second wedding planner because of how close the experience brought us. Dakota’s work somehow brings this warm romantic beauty to you and your significant other while maintaining the beauty of what’s already there: the love, the giddy butterflies and the raw emotions. She has an exceptional talent for capturing the exact moments where you felt like your heart was bursting with joy or nerves were bubbling. She gets to know you in a way that is so authentic and personal throughout your wedding planning process, so that on the day she knows the moments that are deeply personal to you. The morning of our wedding her second shooter came down with a virus, and Dakota had to shoot solo. I had zero worries because I knew whatever moments she captured would be perfect. I’m still not convinced she didn’t have a duplicate of herself there because every moment possible was captured perfectly. I don’t even remember her being there capturing some of the moments, but there they are, flawless and beautiful like an artful memory. Your wedding photographer is one of the biggest, most important decisions for your wedding, second only to your spouse. I can not recommend Dakota enough. I would rehire her every single time to capture all of my important life events.
— Lauren H.
You are THE BESTTTT. I cannot thank you enough for these images. THANK YOU! It’s such an amazing special time for us, and you have been so incredible to work with. I will love these memories for my entire life.

I would pick you over and over again.
— Claire W.
There are no words to express how thankful Kyle and I are for you and the mind blowing beautiful images you captured on both our wedding day and engagement session. You have gone far and above our expectations in every both your art and just who you are as a person. You are one of a kind girl. I know I keep saying this but I’m telling you, the Lord brought us together! You were able to capture EXACTLY what I envisioned (and even more so) so perfectly, it’s crazy!!! I will be recommending you to EVERY bride I meet. We will forever cherish every single picture taken for the rest of our lives. We love you SOOO MUCH girl!
— Rachael W.
Dakota is a one-of-a-kind being. Her work shows her heart and devotion to delivering the best product to her clients. She always has kind words to share & helps the bride on her wedding day in more ways than you can imagine. We are honored to have had her to capture our sweet memories.
— Megan R.
Dakota there are no words that can possibly thank you enough for the gorgeous memories that you were able to capture on our wedding day. The gallery you delivered us was more beautiful that I could have ever imagined them to be. You are such a caring, thoughtful, and passionate artist. Thank you for your guidance throughout our day and willingness to go on an adventure with us. And thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me borrow something you wore on your own wedding day to keep me warm. The time and effort that you put into our wedding day is something that I truly have not known anyone else to do and I will forever be greatful for your beautiful heart and soul.
— Lauren D.
After spending the day with you, I can’t just send a kind word or two; it’s more than that. I’m speechless. I had so much fun with you! I came home and read all the kind words from your previous clients and every single one is on point with describing you, and who you are as a person. You are authentic, thoughtful, loving, and talented. You are extremely passionate, and unique. You tell stories, and you tell them well. From the moment we started talking up to the day we met, I felt like I could be 100% myself with you. You made me feel welcome. Dakota, you have a gift and I’m grateful I got to meet you and spend time with you. It was the best. day. ever. I was in a rut and feeling defeated and after meeting with you, I am now feeling refreshed and feeling more confident than ever. So thank you! Thank you, a million times thank you!
— Shelby B.
I knew from the second I met her that she was the person I needed to capture our love & I was right.
— Sarah J.
Lucas and I loved having you play such a big role in our wedding day. We both love who you are and felt we could 100% be ourselves around you - and for that I can’t say thank you enough.
— Abby S.
Dakota, you are a champion at what you do. Not just taking photos. You capture moments. You listen. You see. You invite others into a grand adventure. You remind people of their dreams. You share your heart and your passion and people come more alive when they are in your company. The find their footing and feel the freedom that is in being themselves. Thank you for inviting Michael and I on a tiny part of that adventure on that sweet rainy morning in the mountains. Photography with Dakota isn’t a photo shoot at is an experience worth having, where hearts are seen and felt and heart. I adore you, my friend!
— Sophie L.
I just wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful work. It is beyond what I imagined and truly captured the day. The thing I love the most is that there are so many shots of Jake and I that truly feel authentic. I feel like you really saw us and for that I am so so grateful.
— Sarah T.
Dakota is just a one-of-a-kind person who genuinely cares about her clients and their stories! She is thoughtful and intentional with everything she does, is so easy to work with, and makes a session one you wont forget. Seriously, we had the most fun the day she took our engagement photos and couldn’t wait to see what kind of magic she worked. She sent us a few photos not long after our session and we were completely in love. We could not stop looking at them, showing others, and bragging on her! Her work is so unique and just really cool! I am so thankful that she had a part in our story.
— Becca H.
The way you help in every possible way and the way you care is unforgettable. You are loving and passionate with your work and also thorough. You are a beautiful human inside and out. Talented from your hair to your toes. Anyone would be lucky to have you tell their special story.
— Keighley N.
The whole problem with you is that you are too talented and insightful when it comes to your craft. Seriously, how will we ever choose between the photographs you created? They are completely beautiful and I love them all! Thank you for once again creating magic. You never let us down!
— Cathy G.
Her work is something special, something totally unique. Never have I seen stories captured the way she does. This is timeless. To work with her is to know her; this is not her work, this is her passion. She does not hide behind a profession, she reflects her heart. She works with unhindered joy. She photographs in such a way that captures the essence and the story of those in front of her. Her work is one of beauty, romanticism, soul, depth, artistry, and revelation. There is no one else that I would have trusted more to tell mine and my husband’s story. Dakota, I hold the highest honor and respect for who you are and what you do.
— Darcy E.
Dakota is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. Working with her and being photographed by her is a dream. The experience left me with more than gorgeous images, but a forever friend. She finds the beauty in every living thing and aims to capture that real, raw beauty in her own original way.
— Lauren L.
Dakota’s work is stunning, moody, and altogether beautiful. She captured our wedding day with a stunning realism and told a story through her work along the way. Dakota is professional, listens, and above all - she has fun! Having her photograph our wedding was a gift. She’s that good!
— Katie J.