Frequently Asked Questions


Do you shoot anything other than weddings/elopements & engagement/couples?

I do still take a few NON-wedding/elopement/couple portrait sessions throughout the year depending on my availability. You can go here to contact me about them!

I do: Individual Portraits, High School Senior/College Senior Portraits, Maternity Portraits (tastefully-captured), Adventurous Family Sessions, In-Home Family Sessions, In-Home Newborn Sessions, Birth Sessions (tastefully-captured).

I don’t do: Editorial/Fashion/Commercial (unless it's one of my own personal projects), Boudoir Sessions (individual, maternity, or otherwise), Body Building/Athletic Sessions, Child Portraits, Family Portraits, Studio-Style Newborn Sessions, Events (other than elopements & weddings).

If you need something that I don't offer, please feel free to ask me for recommendations! I know some amazingly talented humans that would love to connect with you!

Do your packages include engagement sessions?

The only packages that include engagement sessions are Birmingham Elopements, Birmingham Intimate Weddings, & Birmingham Weddings.

The reason for this is because elopements, intimate weddings, & weddings outside of Birmingham (where I'm based) require travel. Travel for the elopement/wedding itself and then travel again for the engagement session. So they are priced separately to factor in travel.

What's in your camera bag/what do you shoot with?

My go-to's are the Nikon D750's, 35mm, 50mm, & 85mm.

Do you travel out-of-state or out-of-country?

Heck yeah I do! If your wedding is out-of-state or out-of-country, I do factor airfare, lodging, transportation, & food into those packages. I book all accommodations myself (this is not negotiable).

Do you offer any mini sessions?/"We just need a few pics."

I currently do not offer mini sessions. On occasion, I might post opportunities for them, but they just don't fit the experience I want to give my clients. I'm here to make something magical & that my friends - takes time.

Do you offer discounts?


How do I book?

First off, hit that "Say Hey" tab & tell me about yourself! Once we’ve been able to connect via email, I will send you over some info specific to your inquiry. If you think we are a good fit, we can schedule time to meet up for coffee/lunch or a facetime/skype date. After chatting a bit, we’ll nail down the details for your wedding/elopement/session. Then I'll send over a personalized contract with all the good stuff. Once I receive that + your deposit, you're booked!

Why do you do meetups/facetime/skype?

Well, because these are some pretty important moments in your life & you want to have someone capture that stuff that:

  • you connect with

  • you trust

  • you are inspired by

  • cares about you

  • serves you well

  • shares your values

  • believes in you & your vision

  • just plain gets you

No seriously. I want to figure out what stuff bridges us together, what's important to you, & what you envision for your big day. And ultimately, I just want to be your friend. If there were any chance or doubt in your mind or mine that maybe we just aren't the right fit, then that's totally fine. Why? Because at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters here is people and we both have to do what’s best for us.

How far in advance do I need to book?

If I have the spot open, it's totally yours!

I’ve had bookings as far out as a year-and-a-half and as close as a week, lol.

Do you require a deposit to hold my date(s) & why?

Yes. A deposit is required to secure your date(s) for sessions, weddings, & elopements.

We are hecka awkward. How do you deal with that?

Um, aren't we all? It's not normal to just wake up every day & have your photos taken professionally unless you are a model for a living, lol! You don't have anything to worry about. I've noted before that my sessions are super conversational & that it's pretty much like we are just hanging out. Extroverted or introverted, it doesn't matter. There is no pressure to do anything other than be yourself. It might take you a few minutes to warm up & that's okay. We are going to embrace whatever moments come our way, whether they are funny, sad, sweet, weird, akward, or serious. That's what real life looks like & I'm here to capture it.

How do you go about choosing a location for our session?

It's definitely a team effort. I want to go somewhere that reflects who you guys are & I also want to go somewhere that inspires me. One location with a lot of versality (several different spots to explore at one location) is going to help us make the most of our time. We will work together and make the magic happen!

What should we wear to our session?

I will send you over some ideas to help you figure that stuff out. I do recommend something that feels like YOU, solids over prints, & complimentary colors rather than matching. You can check out my Pinterest board for inspiration too! Going with one outfit that you really love makes adventuring easier & takes the stress out of changing. Two outfits max.

ALSO, comfy shoes (with good grip) are a must. Wearing uncomfortable shoes while walking/hiking/climbing is no bueno.

Do you need a shot list or Pinterest ideas?

Nope! I'm going to get really honest about this. It feels like having limits/contraints put on my creativity - both in the sense that I'm having to follow a list rather than do the thing you entrusted me to do (tell your story) + most photographers would tell you it's not their style to try & recreate something you've found on the internet/Pinterest. That doesn't mean you shouldn't communicate moments that are super important to you - to your photographer. The beauty of trust is knowing that your photographer knows you & your heart + is experienced enough to know what to capture & how to capture it. Plus we really love to put our own spin on things because we don't really want to be like anybody else.

When will we receive our images?

6-8 weeks for engagement/couple sessions.

8-10 weeks, unless otherwise communicated (I get crazy busy during peak wedding season).

This is going to vary photographer to photographer (could be shorter or longer). What matters to me is making sure that I give myself the time & space to create something really beautiful for you guys.

How do we receive our photos?

All of your edited, high-resolution digital images will be hosted in your personal online gallery, available for you to download & then print anywhere you'd like. Booyah!

This is super important, so please read all of it.

Your gallery will be delivered via email with your own password & download PIN.

Once your gallery has been delivered to you, you need to make sure that you download your photos as soon as you can. When you have downloaded your photos, please back them up to multiple locations. Maybe a copy on your desktop, a copy on an external hard drive, a copy on a thumb/flash drive, and even a copy on an online storage source (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Backblaze, etc). One copy is not enough. Your galleries are not accessible to you indefinitely (usually available for a month), so you need to download your photos as soon as possible.

After your gallery has been delivered, I am not responsible for keeping up with your photos (stated in contract). The reason why is because while it is true that I try to keep the original files & edits, something catastrophic could happen after I have delivered your photos (will not happen before because I have a back up plan while I am working on your photos) and I might delete/lose/destroy those files. That's not on me because I already delivered your photos with instructions & you have to make sure you've downloaded + backed up those photos.

You do need to know I am here for you & I will do my best to serve you. In the case that you need your photos re-uploaded & I still have them, I will do so for a fee (also stated in contract) because it takes a lot of time & data to upload galleries.

Please know this is not to hurt anyone's feelings, step on any toes, point a finger, or even come across as me being unkind. It's just really important to me that you get & keep your beautiful memories.

Do we/can we get the unedited files too?

Nope. No. Never.

I only deliver a finished product. A lot of people will ask this question if: 1 - they love the way a photographer shoots, but not the way they edit; 2 - they think that it will be cheaper if they can edit the photos themselves.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you ever have a doubt in your mind about the editing style of a photographer, they are probably not the right photographer for you. You need to love their work from start to finish & trust that whatever they are delivering to you is going to make you happy.

How many images do you deliver?

Portrait sessions usually yield 100-200 images, and elopements/weddings 500-1000.

Every session and elopement/wedding is different. I don't really have a cap for the amount of images I deliver & I always deliver more than promised.

Do you offer albums of our photos?

No, but consider checking out Artifact Uprising, Forbeyon, or Kiss for some beautiful albums!

Do you offer professional prints of our photos?

I am currently not in the loop for printing. However, when you sign your contract, it also includes a print release so that you may choose any lab of your liking. See below for recommendations.

Where are some places you recommend for purchasing prints?

Artifact Uprising, Mpix, WHCC, Nations, Millers, Bay Photo, Shutterfly, & Snapfish.

Can I post my photos on social media?

Of course! I just ask that you don't crop, edit, or add any filters to them since I've already done all of that for you (plus it's breach of contract). Please show some love and tag me when you post (like for real, please do this)!


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