Your Photographer

Hey there, friend! Before we even start talking about $$$, there are a few things to consider before hiring your photographer.

1. Do this photographer & I vibe well together?
2. Do I love their shooting style?
3. Do I love their editing style?
4. Do I trust them?

You need to be able to say a big, non-hesitant “YES” to ALL FOUR of these questions.

1 & 4: It’s super important that you connect with your photographer because thats where friendships are kindled & trust is built. Where there is trust, there is freedom for your photographer to give you their best & freedom for you to just be yourself when you are with them. I promise you’ll want to look back long after you’ve gotten your pictures & think something like, “HOLY CRAP! Our photographer made us feel so at home. It seriously seemed like we knew each other our whole lives & we are so glad that we chose him/her. The pictures that we have mean so much to us, but even more so, the memories we have of this day mean even more. Definitely won’t be the last time we hang & have milestones in our lives captured.” I don’t care if you think that’s cheesy. If you don’t think there is potential for you to feel that way about whatever photographer you are eyeing out, then don’t book them.

2 & 3: You have to love both a photographer’s shooting AND editing styles. They are inseparable. If you love the way they shoot but not the way they edit, you will find yourself disappointed. If you love the way they edit but not the way they shoot, you will find yourself disappointed. You can’t ask a photographer to change the way they shoot/edit because you are asking them to compromise their artistry. I promise you that if I am not your gal, there is someone amazing out there that you can say “yes” to questions 1-4!

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I also know that sometimes you can answer all 4 questions from the first section of this page, but not necessarily have the budget for that photographer. I do understand that weddings are hecka expensive, but you also have to remember that at the end of the day, pictures are the most tangible thing you are going to have to remember it all. So whoever you hire, make sure they are the bomb & that you love their work. If at the end of reading all of this, you think I’m your girl - head over to my “Say Hey” page & drop me a line!


Your Investment

Let’s be real - wedding photography isn’t cheap. Talking moolah always seems to freak people out. I honestly think that’s for a few reasons, but mostly because everyone wants to get a great return off of their investment. You want to get out of it what you put in to it. You need to know that I’m not just here to take your money, take your pictures, and leave. I’m in this because I freaking love what I do & I want to be there with you during one of the most important days of your life. I’m the girl that works to make sure that timeline is playing itself out the way you envisioned, carries your bouquet, fluffs your dress, pins on your boutonnière, cries during your first look, actually listens to the words you exchange during your vows, & gets on the dance floor with you (and my terrible moves). I’ve got your back (somebody cue up the Golden Girls theme song).

I also believe that “getting out of it what you put into it” entails more than just investing your money. I don’t kid around when I say that my brides & grooms are my friends. They’ve invested their time, trust, & communication too. That’s what makes my job worthwhile & I am looking for people who believe in that as much as I do.

I’m sure it’s not the first time that you’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” Well, it’s 100% true & I’ve read a plenty of nightmarish stories about people who hired an amateur/close-friend/or individual they thought was a professional just because they were cheap. Cheap might deliver, but it doesn’t guarantee you an incredible experience, quality work, & friendship.

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dakota chasity photography.jpg


Just you + your babe
somewhere close to your heart.

starting at $1,500

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Intimate Weddings

You + your babe + a few of
your closest friends & family.
50 guests or less only.

starting at $2,250

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You + your babe
+ all of the people
you love, know, & care about
celebrating your special day.

starting at $3,250

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& Couples

There doesn't have to be an
occasion to go on an adventure
with the person you love
the most. Jus’ do it.

starting at $500


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